Lessons from Here and Haiti too!

Teaching and Loving

This week has brought about two opportunities that have brought me to a place of stopping and really listening and talking with our youngest daughter.  It has happened after our devotion time, when all three of us are sitting together, and just finished being in God’s word.  Sometimes the topic isn’t easy, but I know that it takes my husband, God, and I to furnish a good foundation for her future.

The first opportunity was in regards to how she has been repeatedly treated by a schoolmate.  This discussion has occurred before, I can see that previous advice I gave her in how to handle it hasn’t always been easy to stick to for her.  My daughter is less of a leader than others, not that she isn’t capable, but her personality is showing this to me.  She is one that wants to please others and will put her friend’s wants before her own, even if they aren’t kind about it. The world needs both leaders and followers I think, but it always comes down to treatment of others either way.

Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t a perfect little angel or princess.  She shows her unpleasant side here and there and makes poor choices, just as all of us do in life.  But as she gets older I see more of who she is becoming, what she is growing into. I’m proud of how she wants to put others first, but then part of me wants her to stand up for herself as well in certain times.  It’s a balancing act that only she can learn, with some advice from her parents.  I think the discussion, examples, and role playing went well.  Only the future will show us.

The second opportunity comes from a few of my friends very recent trip to Haiti.  They traveled there on a mission trip and I was scrolling Facebook looking at the photos shared.  Once again, after devotion time, with my six-year-old near she began to look too.  My friend was holding a beautiful brown-eyed little girl probably 2 or 3 or 4 I’d say.   I made conversation with my own brown-eyed little girl about Haiti, our friends, and the little girl.  I stated (not thinking) “I could just bring her home, she is so sweet looking!”  FYI – my six-year-old does have older siblings but they are 26 and 22 years old, so it’s basically like she is an only child.  Her face was unsure at this point.

I pointed out how the little girl had big beautiful brown eyes, just like our daughter.  My daughter grinned and looked a little closer.  Then she told me that perhaps a sister that was 7 or 8 would be best. I said what about a boy, we have three girls.  NOPE, she wants a girl if we are bringing anyone home! 🙂 Dad kept silent the whole time I might add!

Here’s the opportunity.  My friends travel led to me showing my daughter a place far far away.  A place that looks so very different from the world she knows.  It gave me a chance to explain that there are LOTS of other places in the world, some beautiful, some less beautiful and why.  I explained about the earthquake, the children and people affected, the unpaved roads, and yes the orphanages.

She didn’t know what an orphanage was but now she does. She was able to see the food the children eat probably every day there.  She said it looked like lunch I told her they probably eat that every day for every meal most of the time.  Her face was tender and unsure once again.  My youngest looks at me, with what seemed like a little wetter eyes and said, “maybe we should send them some breakfast food.”

This opened up for me to explain that we had donated money to our friends that traveled there so they could buy rice, beans, shoes, dum dum suckers and toys for children and people there.  I told her we could give more in the future and of course prayer is always needed.

This last opportunity not only taught my daughter, but brought us closer together.  It allowed us to share in wishing the best for the Haiti people and all that God has in store for them.  I’m grateful my friends could go, I’m grateful we can help, and I’m even grateful for Facebook.

Is there a place you are passionate about helping?  An organization you often help?  Let’s spread the word and comment below about yours!  Awareness Matters!

Grace s a gift,



*Haiti Lutheran Mission Society USA


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