Just a Prayer Today

Today I am only writing a simple prayer.  For one and all.  It’s a day of rest and solitude I feel.  It’s needed.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you in awe of the things you have laid before me and others.  These things bring so much strength and opportunity to our lives.  I praise you and worship for I know all comes from You and no other will ever be as great as You.  May we take what you offer and use it to our best ability to be a reflection of your love, mercy, and grace.

Lord at this time I lift to you the ones that are struggling, hurting, grieving a loved one, addicted, unsure of life, and feeling alone.  The homeless, the sad, the stricken, the weak, the little ones that have no say, and the ones that have evil win out.  May they feel your embrace and allow You to take over.  That You are able to use the Holy Spirit to help them and that they continue even when it’s hard.

Rejoicing with those that are new parents, new life created, and those full of joys.  The ones that live life and are content with what they have and offer to others what they can not afford.  May they be led by You each and every day and continue your work.

When all are weak, You are strong.  May we remember and rejoice in those words.  Please take the things that are in our lives that are taking us away from Your presence.  May we stick with you in good and bad and call on you daily in prayer.

Please forgive the sins we have committed although we are not worthy of forgiveness.   The ones we recall and the ones we do not know we have already committed.

Thanks be to you O Lord, for you are good.  Thank you for the life we have, the opportunities given through you, and the grace to share with others.

In Jesus Name I Pray,





Grace is  a gift,




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