My Story

My Story.

It’s unraveling with each day, each minute, each moment.  It’s taking it’s time, yet also rushing by.  I’m pondering and wondering what tomorrow holds for me, other than whats on my calendar. It’s not consuming me but it’s there.  In my mind just off to the side a little.  Just enough to peak my attention and hold it for a bit.

Wondering if it will present me with a lesson, a love, a challenge, a solution.

Where it will take me.  Far, no where, or somewhere in between.

Grasping that reality is here. I’m living it.  I’m breathing here because it’s right where I am to be.  Right in the midst of My Story.

My story has taken some paths of uncertainty in years but it’s brought me to where there is a more open heart, more love to give, better kindness, and more to work to still be done.

There isn’t a pretty wrapped package at the end of this post.  It’s just a collection of thoughts from my mind.  Just another moment in My Story.

Grace is a gift,





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