The Button Box

At 5:30 this morning after I put our dog into the garage in hopes he would stop barking at coyotes and I could get another hour of sleep my mind began to wonder.  Imagine that right?  So for about 30 or 40 minutes I lay there with my thoughts pinging back and forth.  Jumping from one thing to another, and it landed on an image.
The image was of a metal octagon box that my Mom used to keep a bunch of buttons in when I was a kid.  There were tons of them and all different shapes and sizes, the metal box a blue color I recall.

I text my Mom as I wrote this piece and asked her if she still kept her buttons in that box.  She said yes. I remember it was blue and it had a design on it.

I have no clue as to why this image arrived in my mind when it did. But it brought a little joy from childhood to my thoughts.

I can still hear how it sounds to shake the button box.  As I write this a small smile comes across my face.  It is good.

Have you ever had that happen to you?  Just remember something out of the blue and it brings a memory to the forefront of your mind?  It’s nice to have those good ones arrive just when you least expect it huh?


Grace is a gift,



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