Deep Discussions Upon Ash Wednesday!

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday.  Our family attended worship services.

I repented and received ashes upon my forehead.


I made my way up to the alter and received God’s grace through the body and blood.


The service was where I needed to be, where my family needed to be.  Our youngest daughter was quite inquisitive about things this year.  When the Pastor was reading God’s Word, she caught something about oil being placed upon the head.  She asked her Dad if we had to do everything Pastor just read.  Dad, not really focusing said yes.  She instantly made her way to me wide eyed, which I told her we would talk about when we got home. 🙂 Another instance was, why do we put ashes on our forehead and how old do you have to be to take the bread and drink?  Then she told me we are not to eat meat on Ash Wednesday.

So after getting home we did our Lenten devotion and then we proceeded to answer her questions.  We explained and let her ask questions, we repeated a few things.  We also explained that we are Lutheran and her friend that is Catholic has different practices than us. That the meatless days are what they practice.  Her world is opening up and I am grateful that I have her Dad to help explain things.  It’s all a learning process I think for both her and us parents.

Bedtime was later than normal but I think it was well worth it.  Unfortunately she woke early due to a bad dream, one that involved us explaining death and eternal life.  Sometimes I wish things were just a little on the lighter side, but we will roll with the punches!  God has our backs!

Grace is a gift,




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