pfwg44thBirthday – #2

Well today I was able to donate blood another time! This time I was able to have my two sisters and husband go with me!  They donated as well, this means 12 lives are going to be helped!  I love going with others to donate, it is always a fun experience!

Blood donation buddies

If you are wondering how it goes when you donate you can check out the website or let me take you on a tour of my donation!

Starting at the top left & going left to right!

A Day donating









Grab a blood donating buddy!

Find a location to donate at!

Answer the questions, they test your blood for iron/hemoglobin level, blood pressure, and pulse are taken.

They take you to the nice comfy donation table/chair thingy.  Mark the spot.

Insert needle, it only stings for a moment my friends!

Hold for 5 counts, let go for 3, repeat.

And in no time at all, you have your donation given!

They remove the needle, you hold a little bandage with arm up, then you are done!

I was in and out in less than an hour from start to finish!

Then I was lucky and got to have some snacks and water or juice or coffee!

It’s seriously a good time my friends!

We would love to add more people to our #pfwg44thbirthday!  We have added another five stones (another friend gave yesterday)!  That means we only have 30 more times to donate to reach the goal of 44 donations by December 26th!  I am so proud of those that have donated and helped our team!

blood donor candle

I am enjoying each time I go and donate.  Having family and friends joining me in this journey has been very rewarding!  I’d like to say thank you!

Grace is a gift,





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