Crush Pop Actions

At my daughter’s school they were current raising money for Pennies for Patients.  During this Valentine season the children could purchase a can of “crush” pop for $1.00.  The money would go to Pennies for Patients.  The cans were sent anonymously.  My daughter was sick part of the week so on the way to school one day I asked her if she knew about it. She said no.


So I explained it and asked if there was someone she wanted to send a can of pop to.  She thought for a moment and the following occurred.

“What’s the ladies name at church that’s on the prayers and we pray for at night?”

“G” (me)

“Let’s send one to her.”

I explained that it had to be someone in school but that I’m sure G would be grateful she thought of her.  I then said, “Is there anyone in your class that you don’t think will get one or that would enjoy one?”

Once again her mind was in thinking mode and she told me about a little boy.  She said she didn’t think that he got much pop but that sometimes the kids don’t like to play with him.  I told her that I’m sure if she wanted to get him a pop that he would probably appreciate it.  So that’s who she chose.

I know this post may sound like boasting or bragging about my child, but honestly it makes me feel good to know that she thinks of others like she does.  It helps me remember that it is so very important to think of others and to keep my actions in check as she is watching all that I do. She is an inspiration to me.  So perhaps I need to send a note, a goodie, or make a visit to someone who is ill, hurting, or just needs some companionship this week.   Wanna join me and my youngest?

Grace is a gift,




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