What I Believe – A Few Things

What I Believe

  • That there is one true God.  He sent His son to die for both our sins.
  • That life in Kansas is better because of its wide open spaces and sunsets.
  • That the love of a good hearted, faith filled man can beat any sour moment in life.
  • That if you give yourself time and you truly let yourself be open up, you will find that thing you have longed for.
  • That saying no to a child isn’t wrong.
  • That if your life has solid, truthful, loving friends in it you can’t go wrong.
  • That each of us has a talent within us, but it might take a few tests to finally find it.
  • That a challenge in life will be hard to endure, but on the other side is something of true solitude.  You need to keep going even when you feel completely broken.
  • That brownies with pecans are a pure gift of deliciousness.
  • That you can’t trust everyone, but the ones you can keep close to you.
  • That hugging and kissing and telling children you love them isn’t wrong.
  • That losing parent in a manner that shown sickness can either break you or make you stronger.  Even the broken can be put back together through faith, love, and endurance.
  • That listening to a child begin their reading skills means you are witnessing a true treasure.
  • That God sometimes uses difficult circumstances to move us to a new place in life.
  • That watching my daughters be the women they need to be, when they need to be, and living a life with love of a man makes my heart glad.
  • That the day I walked down the aisle to my husband was the safest I have ever felt in this life.
  • That becoming a single mother at 17 wasn’t the end of the world but brought about a beautiful child.
  • That enduring hardships of teen life with two daughters didn’t kill me only made me stronger and I was taught much.
  • That adoption is truly something that is placed in this world to not only aid the children but to bring something more than words can say to parents.
  • That the gut feeling you have, most of the time, you need to go with it.
  • That praying small prayers throughout the day can get you through. Even on great days!
  • That memories were placed with us for both good and bad but a person can grow and become more even from the bad ones.
  • That you and I were placed here for reasons only God knows.  Follow His lead.

Grace is a gift,



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