To My 25 Year Old Self

You probably noticed this isn’t a Weight-less Wednesday post.  I decided I wanted to post on Friday for my Weight-less weekly post.  So check back to see a recap of the month of February then.


To my 25 year old self I’d like to write you a letter if I could.  This written by you at 44 years old  with more wisdom, less attitude, more wrinkles, better perspective, ongoing learning, and reaching to make a difference daily.  

The life you are living now, one day it will seem so far away in the past that you sometimes wonder if it really happened.

The controlling and severe person that is exhibited often from you, she finds a more calm and loving place to land.

The depth of your faith, it grows.  It changes for the better, it becomes a solid foundation for you.

There are things you believe now that you will not believe when you are 44 and it will be for the better.

Read the bible and study it.  

You will continue to love music.  It will still take you away or bring you back to reality!

Save money now.  Start now seriously!

You will be a Mother a third time. I know, that one you are arguing with me on right now!

When you are 44 you will find a happiness you longed for your whole life, one that you only dreamed about.

You will come to remember something so extremely horrible that your life seems upside down for a year or so. But you make it through, you really do.  You come out on the other side stronger more loved  and more free.

One of your babies makes you a grandma.

Your children will challenge you, love you, defy you, and then come back to a place of adult relationships to appreciate what you did for them.

Between now and 44 you will learn so many new things, especially in your 40’s.

One day or rather several days, you will go to town with no makeup on or hair washed and completely styled. (Honest)

Be proud of yourself now.   Be patient with yourself now.  Try new things now.  Trust yourself now.

The self-esteem that is often low, it ignites into something not 100% but much better just the same.

The pain you will feel in a few years will pass and God gives you what you need as always.

You become very good at the career you chose to start last year, so good it last a very long time.

Get healthy now, it will be SO much easier I promise.  Learn new things too.

The guilt you feel in most circumstances when you make a choice, it will never totally go away. But you will learn how to decipher what is real and what is from past experiences.

Raising your children is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but it is completely worth it.  Even on the hardest days. I promise.

Respect more.  Be critical less.  Lift up that special someone, don’t tear them down.

One day you will drink more water, eat yogurt and apples, and it will become a daily occurrence for you.  All because of one person who enters your life.

I could write so much more to you but for now I will let you drink in these tidbits of growing older. They are all blessings that help make you who you are.

Grace is a gift,


What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time?  Or perhaps write a letter to the yourself in years to come?




One thought on “To My 25 Year Old Self

  1. Julie,
    These types of posts always make me think. It’s amazing how life moves so fast and most days I feel like I’m trying to hang on. Within the challenges and victories we change. Hopefully these life experiences guide us to change for the better and deepen our faith in God and his plans for us.

    I will be 34 next week and agree with many of your statements. I don’t have children, but can only imagine the joy they add to life. I know being parent isn’t an easy task, but one that God trusted you with. As I have grown up, the relationship with my parents has changed. Your adult children still need you, it just looks different than it did when you were 25 or 35.

    Blessings to you!


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