Reality of Generational Death

Since my own father’s passing last year, the subject of my health has been a priority on my mind more than before.  It has brought me to the point of wondering what age my own grandparents and my parent’s siblings passed away. This past weekend with the help of my sisters and the internet I was able to research this.  We used Google and also Find a Grave.  This website was interesting because there are photos of some of the headstones of my family members.  In fact my cousin does a great job of ancestry for my Dad’s side and she had done his already for his.

My mother had 12 siblings and she is the second to last child.  My father had 7 siblings and he was third to last child.  My mother’s family is down to three living children and my father’s is down to two.

I know that my reality of death could come at any time, it doesn’t have to be genetic related at all.  I know that when I die where I am going and why. But I won’t hide from the reality of my DNA, the information available, and the opportunity to care for the vessel that God provided me.  I am no super healthy person and I will still eat brownies and not exercise as hard as I should.  But I am trying, for it was really hard to see my father suffer.   To stand in that room, wondering if he would make it through a coughing spell.  If I can help to keep my children from going through the stresses of ill parents I will.

Reviewing my father’s age of death of siblings range from birth to 79 years old.  His parents passed away at 83 and 47 years old.  My own father passed away only two days short of turning 75.

This brings me to one of my first memories when I was 7, we attended my uncle’s funeral.  He died when he was 45 and all I can recall was my Dad crying and handing me his white hankie and there were pews.  I could see the sadness upon my Dad’s face of losing his brother.  I have one aunt and one uncle living from my dad’s side now.  It’s reality of getting older myself, family members passing away leaving only memories and love.

Reviewing my mother’s age of death of her siblings ranged from 1 – 84 years old.  Her parents passed away at 68 and 71 years old.  My mother is still living and I am grateful, although her health reminds me to continue on the journey I am on.  She is 71 years old.  There is only one sibling that made it to their 80’s and two into their 70’s before dying. The rest all passing prior to their 70’s.   There are still three children living from this family.

This review of what I am calling generational death isn’t morbid I don’t feel. To me it’s interesting and allows me to put into perspective how things were and might be.  My husband’s parents are well into their 80’s and still going, his grandparents lived long too. This gives us something to talk about and discuss about our heritage.

I don’t know when or what I will die from.  I don’t know if I will suffer or if I will go quickly.  I do know that looking back at my parent’s history helps me to eat a little healthier and move a little more. To appreciate the time I have with family members that are still here.

Grace is a gift,



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