Weight-less Wednesday On A Friday 2/27/15 Monthly Wrap-up

Weightless Wednsdays

Number of steps in 30 days: 352,778

Number of miles in 30 days: 147.82

Number of calories burned in 30 days: 77,955

Number of days I went to the gym to walk: 19

My total weight loss for the month of February was 1.6 pounds.

My total weight loss from the day I started this journey is 7.6 lbs.

My weight loss goal per month was not reached in February. There are many reasons for this. Mostly it was because I didn’t adhere to the healthier eating and using moderation. I did still exercise and move at least 5 days per week, sometimes 6 days. I always take one day off for rest and I feel that is still important, especially with my leg issue.

Am I disappointed. Yes. Will I quit. No.

As I stated in an early February post, February would be a hard one and it was. I think I can reflect back and see the things I was not as successful at. I ate out 12 times. I know that I will have to learn to make healthy choices when eating out as that is part of my families lifestyle but until I do get a grasp on a few other things, this should be kept to a minimum.

Moderation. I haven’t mastered this yet. The goodies are too hard to stop from mindlessly eating or watching my hubs down a dessert and go for another is hard to not want one too. (Yes I know it’s not healthy for him all the time either, but he is his own person.) So I plan to go back on the 21 day Challenge for March beginning Sunday for 15 days. I just want to get a good start to March and see how it goes.

I think I have taken on too many things to start new too fast. For my personality I need structure and planning, when that isn’t there it doesn’t work well. So I am going to focus in March on the following.

70,000 steps per week
Elliptical – twice a week workout minimum 15 minutes
15 day Challenge starting 3/1/15.
Logging all food staying at calorie level I need to lose some weight.
3 Greens on the fitbit at least six days per week.

If I do one of these, another will happen. I know this from my January focus. So here I am and I will come out of March stronger, smarter, healthier, and trying my best!

How are you doing on your healthier lifestyle? What have been your issue areas and how about an accomplishment you feel proud of? Do share, it helps me, you, and others!

Grace is a gift,


Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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