Looking for Inspiration! Comments Expected! :)

I’m at a point in this life where I am needing some help with inspiration.  What can I write about that won’t bore you all to death?  What can I write about that will peak your interest and find yourselves inspired?  Where can I go to perk up this foggy brain of mine?  Any thoughts?  Care to comment below with inspiration for this blogger  that still has 150 posts to create?

I think I may do something with taking photos throughout my day.  A photo an hour? Or I could go through the alphabet in order and take photos throughout a day but not to go out of alphabetical order.  How about choosing ONE letter of the alphabet and only taking photos of things that begin with that letter?  Are these lame?  You tell me.

What do you like to read from me?  What draws you back to this place of what I hope is grace?  

On a side note, I’m currently peeking out my window while I write this.  I can hear our ATV going around our house and yard, my husband is taking our youngest sledding. 🙂  She is in pure delight!  Earlier he was vacuuming the house with a vengeance.  Yes, he is a man that isn’t much for television and would rather be outside or building something.  Did I mention it snowed here and more is to come?  No church tomorrow either!  I may be stir crazy by tomorrow mid-day!


So that means you need to comment with ideas today, so I have something fabulous to write about tomorrow, the next day, and the next day!  🙂

Happy Saturday and remember….

Grace is a gift,



2 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration! Comments Expected! :)

  1. How about a photo of the same thing (something outdoors) at different times of day? Would show the way changing light, weather conditions, etc., change the feeling of the pic.


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