Depression & Ways I Come Out of It



I’ve been down in the dumps lately.  Depression used to be a regular thing in my life but as I’ve gotten older I have worked through a lot trauma that occurred, so it’s not as bad.  I normally become bluer when December comes around but this year was a joy!  Unfortunately now that we are starting March it’s peaked its head a few times in February.

I know that some people think depression is not a real thing, but I’m here to say it is.  Whether it stems from child abuse, seasonal weather changes, sexual abuse, genetics, growing up in an alcoholic/drug atmosphere or being bullied it’s real.  So please be patient with people that seem to be dealing with it.  I think mine has made an appearance due to the fact that my healthier journey is hard, I’ve not done as well I want and seasonal changes.  Possibly a couple other things I am not ready to mention here, but those are the main ones I do believe.

So today I am making my way to town to the store although it’s cold and weather is not good. This will help me keep the cabin fever and seasonal downer at bay. Another thing I did today was spend some time in my kitchen.  It was very therapeutic for me to debone and chop chicken.  I had boiled a whole one and made egg noodles for chicken noodle soup.  I find joy in the kitchen and being with my friends is another way to decompress.  This past week I was able to go to dinner with a dear friend.  She brought me out of a really low place, and probably didn’t know I was even in such a stupor! I am glad our schedules worked to just eat and chat!

I believe that in my journey of depression I have made strides because now I am at a point where I recognize it.  I can see it and I don’t “sit in it”, I try to do things that will aid in feeling better.  Sometimes it doesn’t work to just get out of the house or meet with friends or blog about it, at that point help is needed. I can only write on my depression and my outlook, but it is a real thing in this world. Let’s not close our eyes to it. Join me in praying for those with depression.

Grace is a gift,





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