Missions- Where I’ve Been & Where I’m At

When my oldest daughter was in high school I was lucky enough that she allowed me to become a co-leader in the church youth group.  I had no clue what I was getting into but I’m very glad God led me there.  Some of the things I have come to cherish from that time is getting a lifelong friend from the other leader, time with my daughter, experiencing God’s work in others and me, laughter, and so much more.  Mission trips were always on the yearly calendar for the group.

tash & me mission trip
Not the best pic of me, but it’s the only one easily accessible! 🙂

The first one I attended was in Kansas City and it was working in a community that was lower-income or poverty level.  We painted houses and did yard work and got to know the individuals in those communities.  Sleeping on church floors and showering at YMCA’s, eating together with LOTS of teenagers, and being the brunt of jokes.  Worshiping, singing, and hearing the word together, even celebrating birthdays while on the trip!  My last mission trip was to New Orleans with just my daughter, there were other kids there we knew though. This trip really opened my eyes and heart to the need in this world. The need right here in America. I saw what a hurricane can leave behind, even a year later.  What traveling in vans long distances can do to your patience and how teenage daughters can test you all the while loving you. Working with my hands to build a structure and helping prepare food for the teens that were working so very hard.

After this my trip my work in this area basically came to a halt for the most part.  I changed churches, my children left home, and I became your average church goer. I began attending a bible study and moving into leading a few sessions which was a step in a new direction for me.  Then I was given an opportunity to serve on our church’s Board of Missions.

I am SO grateful I didn’t shy away from the committee when they called.  I truly can say after being on this board two years I LOVE IT!  I love the opportunities and the passion I feel when working on a project.  I love the people in our church willing to help the board and others!  It brings out in me something I would feel on those mission trips so long ago.  This gives me an opportunity to help those right here in our communities and also as far away as Haiti.  The best part is seeing others join in.  The members of our church are giving people and I am grateful.  The two others that serve on the board with me are great to work with and bring a talent all their own to it!

I believe even back in those youth group days God was preparing me for my current place in life.  It was teaching me to reach out and help others, whether they be a teenager or those in less fortunate situations.  I’m proud to be a Christian and that God has led me here.  I’m thankful for all those that have helped me and that will help me in the future.

I will be sharing about our current Board of Missions monthly donation opportunity this week.  It is something I feel quite passionate about and I hope you will join me Thursday to hear about it!

So, what brings out your passion? What has God led you to participate in to share His word, His love, and His grace?

Grace is a gift,



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