Weight-less Wednesday 3/4/2015

Weightless Wednsdays


March has arrived and although I am only four days in I feel pretty good about things.  Although I am not able to complete my regular walking routine.  Before I talk about that subject let’s go over calorie intake shall we!  I am still using My Fitness Pal and when I log all my food it really does help me.  Since the first of March I have stayed on track with my eating healthier.  I haven’t felt deprived and I think that is because I am listening to my body.  At meals I am trying to eat slower and focus when I feel full. Common knowledge but hard to change old habits I know.  If you are joining me, keep on keeping on my friends!    This week I even packed my lunch when I had to take my daughter to the doctor for a late morning appointment!  I knew I would be really hungry after it and the drive home was at least 20 minutes. Planning ahead is essential!

On another note my physical activity is being changed some.  I went to see a chiropractor finally after trying to work through or probably a better description, ignore my left leg pain.  I will need to break up my hour long walking and I am having to take it at a slower pace for now.

With this change in exercise routine I would really like to see the Kansas wind move elsewhere and the temps slightly warmer.  Spring is right around the corner right!?  I did climb on my elliptical on Tuesday for 15 minutes and it went well.  I am noticing slight changes in my body and how my clothes are fitting.  This is a small celebration but one I am going to enjoy!

Later this month we are traveling for a few days and I plan to really work hard at continuing activity and eating well!  I have two people that assist me in keeping on track so if you can, find a partner!  It always helps!

My most recent favorite snack is small curd low fat cottage cheese with canned peaches.  I did actually buy a can of no sugar peaches to try.  I was pleasantly surprised that my need for peaches in heavy syrup can be changed to a lower calorie one!  This snack’s calorie total is only 115 calories! It is a half cup cottage cheese with a 8.25 Del Monte peaches no sugar added. Fruit is always good and cottage cheese has protein!

I did weigh today and the scale showed a loss which made my morning start out fabulously!  It’s a good motivator but not the only one for me!  Take care and may our healthy journey be one of many blessings!

Grace is a gift,





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