It’s More Than a Donation – It’s Nourishment


Before I begin this post, I want to state a few things as most of you do not know me from Adam.

  1. My husband and I are not rich in monetary form.
  2. We work hard for the money we have and as farmers we help feed the world through production of wheat, corn, milo, and soybeans.
  3. My children have never went hungry, nor have my spouse or myself. (Thanks be to God)
  4. I’m not boasting or bragging, my hope is to inspire others and bring food to children in our community and other communities.
  5. These are my own views, my own opinions, and my current mission to help others! So be prepared for passion folks!

With that all being said – HERE GOES!

How many of you know the following? In your communities there are children may not have food to eat over the weekends and their main nourishment comes from the school meals they receive?

This thought never crossed my mind about my own small community until last fall.  I guess I thought it only occurred in bigger cities and not in my town.  I was wrong and the amazing thing about it is.  It was YOUTH informing me!  As I sat in a school meeting two high school girls came to present about a program they were wanting to start through their Future Business Leaders of America group (FBLA).   This is where the idea was placed before me and I’m happy to say, the church I attend will be collecting food the entire month of March to help fill the backpacks! (I have to throw in that I’m proud that we aren’t separating church and state on this project).

Those girls inspired me, so now I want to do the same! There are children and adults that are starving all over this world.  The reason this hit so close to home to me is because I have a six-year-old in public school.  The kid that might need food for the weekend could be sitting next to her in class or playing with her at recess.  They could be the child that has a heart as big as the sun and give his last treat to another to be nice.  If I was in the situation where there was issues with us being able to feed our children properly, I’d want help.  But asking for help can be really difficult.  My hope is that if I am ever in a situation where I can’t provide or I can’t feed my family that someone will help us.  So why wouldn’t I help now if I feel this way?


Our cupboards and refrigerator is almost always full of food, there is no reason for me not to share.  Our family eats out way more than necessary and sometimes we spend at least $100.00 if all nine of us are there!  So this is what our family chose to do.  I researched prices and found the specific items needed were less expensive at Sam’s Club verses Wal-Mart.  Since we were heading there for our own home, I decided we would purchase the majority of items there.

The reason I mentioned the $100.00 for dining out is because here is what $104.00 looks like to fill several backpacks. I’m thrilled that so many backpacks will be filled.

FBLA Eagle Backpacks

This also gave me the opportunity to teach our youngest daughter about others and caring for them.  This hopefully will instill in her a heart to care for others and that we are blessed because we do have enough food!

I encourage you to look into your community, to find if there is something similar you can provide a couple cans of beanie weenies or pudding cups to. Join with another family and split the cost of donating items!  It doesn’t have to be $100 worth, it could be $5.  EVERY donation makes a difference!  I have become passionate about Food Banks as well, so maybe start there if you are inspired to help!

Feeding children is important, there is no other way around it!  They need nourishment to feel healthy, stable, and secure. Come on along and if you can’t donate, please pray! I’m asking you to share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or any social media as we need to get the word out and inspire others together!  Thank you.

Grace is a gift,





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