Callings & Serving Neighbors

Do you ever question your calling in this life?  I do.  My friend shared a post with me and it brought me some reassurance of where I am right now in this thing called life and my calling.  It gave me some clarity and a reminder the choices my spouse and I are making are currently good and right.  I decided to take Edie, the writer’s lead.  I have chosen to write out what I can do for my nearest neighbors.  This will be a reflection and reminder for me and perhaps you will want to make your own.

My closest neighbor.  Milton.

I can pray for him daily.  I can lift him up.  I can acknowledge verbally the good he brings to our family and I can feed him with good meals.  He needs nourishment not only for his mental state but physical one as well. I can stay calm in times of issue and guide with a clear mind.  I can hug him each day.

Psalm 19;14

My youngest daughter.

I can pray for her daily. I can listen to her tell of her time at school, encourage her imagination, laugh with her, teach her that there are rules in life along with rewards.  I can be an example of a giver and how the Lord has changed my life so she won’t feel lost as I did as a child.  Offer her the knowledge of the the gift our God provided and walk with her on that journey. I can hug her each day.

Deuteronomy 6 7

My middle daughter.

I can pray for her and her spouse daily.  I can answer her calls when she need cooking advice or just listen as she may vent at a lunch date. I can hug her every time I see her.  I can display God’s love to show her He is the truth and the light.  I can click like her five hundred photos on Facebook and Instagram of her fur babies Tank & Kyra!

HEbrews 1316

My eldest daughter.

I can pray for her and her fiance daily and their families.  I can help her to discern between emotional overload and the way to solution.  I can complient her cooking and answer her questions for wedding preperations.  I can show her an example of how to teach her child about God and how much it is needed in every person’s life.  I can hug her every time I see her.

John 1427

Although our immediate family has grown, these four people are the beginning of our family.  These are the neighbors that I have cared for many years. Some I have had to let go in part, others I will in future years, and others I will hold tight until God chooses to take one of us.  My calling in life has always been to be a wife and mother, no matter if I worked full time or was a stay at home mother.  The opportunities that I am able to serve them, guide them, help them, nurture them, and pray for them. Thank you Lord for instilling in me the ability to be a wife and mother.

Sometimes I need a reminder that this calling is just where I am to be.  Sometimes I need to allow them to serve me as their neighbor as well.  But that is for another post.  I hope you find inspiration today here at Pushing Forward with Grace. Take a moment to choose some neighbors to serve or guide and as always do it in LOVE. Make a list!

Grace is a gift,





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