Days That Make You Appreciate Where You Been, Were, & Are.

Did you have great weather over the weekend where you live too?  We had just fabulous weather, and this helps my demeanor so much folks!  Spending time with my kids and their families helps too and we were lucky enough to spend time on Saturday with them all together!

Saturday morning we worked on sorting cattle, youngest daughter included!  I took photos and love watching three generations work together.  There were 65 head loaded onto a semi truck to head to another farm.  The rest will be sold and picked up on Tuesday.  To learn more about our farm life you can visit my other blog In Between the Sunsets of Life.

Farm Family 2015

Sunday morning was spent worshiping with our church family and learning more about God.  The rest of the afternoon was spent outdoors!  It was so delightful!  Our youngest daughter is going to Disney on Ice with her sisters soon, and we told her if she wanted to buy anything while there she had to earn her own money.  So she has been doing jobs around the house, and I offered her $5.00 to clean the interior of the semi and tractor.  She accepted and did a good job too!


Her and I decided we would go for a UTV ride afterwards!  My husband grew up on motorcycles.  When he was our youngest daughter’s age he could ride the small mini cycle they still have.  Although our daughter loves the atv and utv, she hasn’t wanted to ride the motorcycle. That is until today, we convinced her.  Her Dad took her around the yard a few times, and she was thrilled! 🙂

motorcycle ride

Purple Martin bird houses.  My husband has two that he received as gifts last year and today was the day he was able to put them up.  Our daughter helped dig one hole, then headed off to play with the dog and bubbles!  By this time of the day I decided after two short walks I would rest on the deck embroidering.  It was nice to just relax and enjoy the peaceful day.


Our weekend sounds busy but to be honest it was one of the best ones for me to date.  Just enjoying the things that have been given to us is a wonderful thing.  I can’t explain how I feel about where I came from, went through in life, and now where I am.  I know I won’t be home until I die, but this is a pretty good place to land for now I think.  All the gratefulness and thanksgiving goes to the Lord.

Grace is a gift,



2 thoughts on “Days That Make You Appreciate Where You Been, Were, & Are.

  1. Julie,
    Glad you hear you had a wonderful weekend full of all that makes you smile. Yea for nice weather to top it off. Hope this is the start to spring for your area. I have lived in South Dakota long enough to know that the chances of getting some kind of major weather system (blizzard or inches of heavy wet snow) in the next month or two are pretty good.

    I find taking a walk outside a great time to pray. I am out in the sun, fresh air and see so many blessings around me. Then I start thinking of the people and life experiences that have made me who I am. I am so blessed that all my needs and wants are met in abundance. Like you I feel so lucky and loved from our Lord.

    And when we falter or face challenges, He is there to guide us.

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