Little Things That Make Me Remember

It was just an ordinary day for me. Nothing special going on but I found it interesting the little things throughout my day that bring my Dad to mind.

As I lay on the decompression table in the Chiropractors office I thought of him. The memory from when I was young when he went to one in the same town. The building is still there too, occasionally I drive by it on my way through town.

Another thing was when I was standing in Wal-mart waiting for someone to check on something for me. I looked over and there was the display of Ensure. I recall my sister and I buying a large amount of it for my Dad just days before he passed away. He couldn’t swallow so this would give him nourishment. He didn’t get to use much of it.

When I open a certain drawer in my home and I see his deck of poker cards and the money I won playing his favorite game against my siblings. I smile with a heavy heart.

It doesn’t have to be an old photo or gift that brings him to mind these days. As you can tell it can be things that are a part of my daily living.

When I see the photo in my daughter’s room of him and her for the last time together it does bring a sadness over me. But I try not to stay there, I think of how happy she made him. Of the first time he held her and how he called her his angel.

Missing him is here but it’s not nearly as hard as it was. We are coming up on seven months without him. Although we weren’t in each other’s daily lives we were still father and daughter. A bond that isn’t easily broken I don’t feel.


Dad & I DSC_8266

Grace is a gift,


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