Weight-Less Wednesday 03/11/2015


Weightless Wednsdays

Reasons for the Happy Dance this week!

  • My blue slacks I wore to church on Sunday fit just lovely! 🙂
  • I have to this point succeeded at my non eating food list for 11 days now!
  • I have only eaten out times since 1st of month!
  • I didn’t eat bread sticks at Olive Garden.
  • The scale showed a slight loss!

Tempting moments!

  • One lovely day I was in town where my husband was working on a rental house.  When I knew I would be town over the lunch hour I packed my lunch, counted my calories, and felt confident as I left the house.  Then I picked up Sonic for my hubs!  IT SMELLED SO GOOD!  But I tell you I was strong!  I text my accountability partner and told my hubs I wanted his entire lunch!  He jokingly covered it up so I couldn’t see it.  Um… honey, the smell is what got me!
  • Olive Garden.  I should have gotten the Citrus Chicken 490 calorie dish cause the 800 calorie dish I ordered wasn’t very good.  LOVE the salad though!  My go to is Eggplant Parmesan, any of you like that dish?

Update on the gimpy leg!

  • The trips to the chiropractor are paying off I do believe!  I can walk without my calf feeling like it will explode!  My hip gives me some trouble still but it’s mostly if I sit too long.  I’m working on my posture, it is something I am horrible at.  He also has me doing some glutes exercises so my backside should be lookn good anytime now folks! 🙂 I can only walk 20 minutes at a time at this point, but doing it three times a day is doable for me.  I feel much better this week about this than last week!

I think that about finishes up the update!  I hope whatever journey you are on right now it is one that you are feeling good about!  May your day be filled with joy!
Grace is a gift,



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