Kitchen Love & What It Does to Me!



I have decided that my kitchen is the place that allows me to relax and helps me to be inspired at the same time.  Ideas arrive in my head like the pizza guy magically at my front door with a tasty smelling pie for me eat!  The goodness of what’s in the box (my mind) makes me smile and the anticipation of taking that first bite (make the idea come to reality) pushes me to try.

Oh the big dream I have you can find in the post I wrote  called A Dream. What’s Yours?  Check it out!

Today was no different when I was cooking for our annual VVDDP gathering.  As I prepared the Beer Cheese Soup the thought of having others over after church on Sundays a couple times a month would be fun and interesting.  The thought that gathering together and visiting over good food would be a welcome event for the beginning of a new week.

My mind wondered some more to a time of invitations, RSVP’s by the Sunday before, and how much I could learn from those that would sit at our table for a few hours.  My heart was full of joy and the food I could prepare would be simple but homemade goodness from the heart.  For the fact of the matter is I truly enjoy the way I am when serving others and in my kitchen makes it all the better.

Although all these things are true and right I then remembered the cost of cooking a meal. My time is free but my grocery bill is not.  Oh sure, I could invite people and have them bring an item but that’s not what brings me satisfaction of providing hospitality and care.  Perhaps pay if you choose whatever you choose or free will donation, I could use the money to create the next month’s meal.  If you can’t pay no worries, perhaps another time or  a meal in your home? What would be even better is if I could take a free will donation and each month have a rotating donation recipient.  Oh the dreams I have!

So would you join a family of three for Sunday lunch in their home?  What ideas would you share with me to get me closer to the dream of entertaining and caring for others via food?  I’d truly enjoy interaction for this post.  I dream but need reality as well.  Come along with me to a place of care.  Come along with me to bring those in life to a place of interaction face to face, not screen to screen.

Grace is a gift,



Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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