Connection Story Through Initials

There’s a group of couples that we meet with a couple times a year.  One of the times is at our home for a Valentine’s dinner and it is normally scheduled during the month of February.  This year nasty weather caused us to push it off until this past weekend.  I am glad everyone was able to make it in March.

The couples include:





I wanted to share how the ladies of the group are connected and how it came to be that we are friends. From left to right.


friends 2015

ET met me a birth (she’s my sister) then I introduced LG to ET and SD, which in turn allowed SD to introduce me to DD which I introduced to ET and LG.  Is that all clear?  Oh and the 2nd initials of all these couples are the husbands, so they are along for the ride as a given! 🙂

Here’s some background.

ET – we fought like crazy when we were growing up, then as adults we are the closest of close.

et and I

LG – met her freshman year of high school first day of school and thankful no doubt. New school. New life. Scared out of my mind.

lg and i

SD – she thought I was a snob.   She was introduced to me by JM, she’s not at the party but I’d love her to travel back for it! Lucky for me SD decided to take a chance on me and I started smiling more. Prior to that she thought I was a snob or didn’t like her because I didn’t smile much in those days. Believe me when I say I’ve grown so much in these past 12 years and I smile a whole lot more now! 🙂

sherri & I

DD – Well she’s one of those friends that if you didn’t love or like her so much you’d totally dislike her cause she’s so cool. She has it all!  Witty, cute, loving, and funny to the hilt!

dd & i

Now me.  I’m just JV and I’m lucky to call of these folks my friends.  One has been in my life since birth, one since I was 14, one since my late twenties, and one for less time than those. Yet they are all gems in my life and I look forward to seeing each of them when I get the chance!

So do you have a group of friends you hang with?  Can you tell a story using initials like did?  Connect the initials and explain the connection!

Grace is a gift,


 PS: I will be taking a few days off from blogging to spend time with my family.  God bless you week!


Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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