If I Had Chosen Differently

This moment while I  stood amidst  a child filled, noisy, toy discovery place

p 2015
Our youngest amazed and intrigued by air and cloth.


made me remember this moment.

Mom & P
The first time I held our youngest daughter, 24 hours old.


It made me think to myself, what if I had made a different choice. What if I had chosen not to show my love for my spouse through parenting. What if I had decided I was done raising children, that I didn’t want to start over.

My life would be different for sure. Perhaps quieter, more relaxed, more free time, less hugs and kisses, less experience with adoption, less opportunity to love, less giggles, and much less learning. To understand the moments in life that are truly valuable, it took becoming a parent for the third time I think.  For it to really sink in and make it stick.  My other two children are much older and came from my loins but I love all my children the same.  They each have their special way of making me feel pretty lucky and they make me proud and crazy often. Which is  a good combination I think!

This third child I believe helped me to calm, to love even more than I imagined, to trust others and God more, to stop and truly watch the world around me.  To appreciate the fact that my plan isn’t always the best plan.  God has humor you know!

PV & I 2015

In the little moments of life I ask you to stop and just let go.  To embrace what has been placed before you and open your heart and mind to the amazing opportunity that is right there.  Whether it’s a child,  nature, family, a meal, or a friend.  Take it and treasure it, appreciate it for with each day our lives change.

Grace is  a gift,



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