Writing Prompts 1 – Does Writing Change You?

I found this little blue book on our travels this past week.  One of the awesome things about it is, it was on clearance!  So not only did I get some inspiration for writing but also saved a buck or two!  I hope you enjoy this “series” so to speak.  I purchased it and by the end of that day I had written out two posts! That’s a  pretty sweet deal I think!



Does writing change you? How does writing make you a better person?

The answer to the first question is yes.  Just a simple yes.

The answer to the second question, in my eyes does make me a better person.  I think that it makes me accountable, especially since I am a blogger. When I write for a blog post I am opening myself up to what could be the world so to speak.  My following is on the smaller level and I’m ok with that.  Mostly because I write at Pushing Forward with Grace for growth, writing practice, and to inspire.  When I write I am openly honest.  I don’t hide the yucky dirty sad or angered feelings of my life.  I write about the possibilities and the opportunities right along with the challenges and failures.  There are still personal things I will never write about but the things I do write are honest and true.

Writing is a therapy for me just as cooking is. I did not really realize this until after I began writing here at PFWG.  Oh sure, I’ve always written for myself and even over at In Between the Sunsets of Life, but it’s totally a great thing now.  I feel to my bones I can learn so much by opening my heart and feelings and in turn it might help someone else in the scheme of things!

One year ago I was so very opposite emotionally than what I am now.  Writing here hasn’t been the only solution but is an integral part I feel. It taken me through a thought process and made me feel secure and vulnerable all at the same time.  Facing my fear and encompassing my successes.

Writing changes me with almost each post I write.  It changed me to be a better me.

Grace is a gift,



Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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