Honesty Days

Honesty Days


It’s been awhile since I posted an Honesty Days !

1.  I think it’s ironic that on my blog I somewhat complain about eating sodium filled turkey hot dogs when there are children in my own community that do not have enough to eat over the weekends.  Makes me feel like a putz.

2. One of the little quirks my spouse has that drives me nuts, yes even after 12 years of marriage is that he will take a dish to the sink and not rinse it out or fill it with water.  So the food particles become hard.

3. The massage table at my chiropractor’s office,  I think I’m in love with it.  I wonder if my spouse I just complained about would buy me one for home?? 🙂

4. Although I love the spring weather and longer days, for this farm family it also means less time together with Dad.  Corn planting will begin in April!

5.  I want to create a “mission” to fill someone’s new home pantry for them with help from others in the near future.  I ask a lot from our church members, afraid this might be going over board.  Having passion for the board I am on sometimes makes me think crazy! 🙂

6. Watching my six year old run and play with her dog in the yard makes my heart full of joy.  She isn’t intimated by his size anymore and she really does love him.  He jumps less now so that helps!

7. Spending a day with my grandaughter, just the two of us brought a lot of goodness to my life.  Watching how she plays is one way God shows how precious his creations are to me.

8. I won’t lie, today is going to be fun.  I’m hanging with some fabulous girlfriends and I’m taking them on a small adventure! 🙂

9.  I am absolutely STOKED about our little married couple getaway just the two of us this coming April!  Even if we do nothing but walk around in nature and eat good food I will be happy!

10.  It’s been beautiful outside and my youngest loves to ride her bike.  It’s really really too small.  I can’t wait for March 28th so she can have her new birthday bike! I’ve been so tempted to just give it to her early!


Grace is a gift,



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