Once Again It’s About Friendships

Once again I am writing about the friendships that are so very special to my life.  This particular group of ladies brings laughter, challenge, hope, and a solidarity to my life that I am truly blessed by.  I don’t know why I am so very fortunate to have these ladies and so many other friendships in my life, I am in constant awe of the gift I have received.

This particular group of friendships was born from a common thread of our love for Christ, a bible study, and our ability to cover each other in prayer while dealing with the realities of life.  It took us a while to come together, too many years went by without a connection to make our bond hold like glue.  Hence, the bible study.  It brought us closer, helped us to get to know one another, and bind us  together with Christ more as a center in our lives with accountability partners I like to think.  That weekly meeting of delving into the word, praying together, laughing and even crying at times, along with some good snacks always makes for a great bond of friendship!


One of our friends moved about three hours away, although it’s hard at times that she isn’t right here on a weekly basis face to face with us we work to keep the relationship thriving. We are determined to stay connected, so Facebook and trips together are a must!  We had a visit from our friend up north this past weekend.  It was a fabulous fun time I do think! It included laughter, food, fun, games, walking, and a game of destinations!  That last one was so much fun I will have to post about it tomorrow!

My goal for today’s post is to once again help others to know that connection and relationships are really the icing on the cake in life! I’m not saying you must be a social butterfly (I am not one) but rather value those around you. Even if it is many or not so many. The ones that nurture, guide, love, listen, and take you for who you are, yet challenge you.  They are placed in your life for a reason.  Even if you don’t know why or how long they will be here take the time to encompass all that they offer and be sure to give back.  Your life will be more meaningful, sweet, and stronger for it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see our adventures in the Destination Game!  🙂

Grace is a gift,






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