Destination Game – Building The Bond of Friendship

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that a group of my friends gathered together this past weekend. When we were planning the weekend we were not sure what we were going to do.  Since they were meeting at my home I chose to create a fun game for us to enjoy.   I like to call it the Destinations Game!  I created clues that led them to each new destination.  Here is a glimpse of our travels on a beautiful Saturday!  All  they had to do was figure out the clues, snap a photo at each location and have fun!

We started our morning at an awesome coffee shop/bakery in a nearby small town!  I highly recommend them if you are ever in the area!

Clue#1  To get clue number two all you have to do is seek out the paid sugar cookie.  Go see the counter help & collect your next clue! Be sure to cut it into quarters, each have a piece for good luck.  You will need it on your destination seeking game we are about to play!

Stop1 Clue 1 and 2

Our main connection that created our relationships is our faith in God and that we all are Lutheran LCMS members.  So using this first clue was really cool I thought.  This clue was my favorite to watch them figure out! 

Clue#2  It’s time to remember this lady of the bible, one that loved another like her own mother.  She stayed with her no matter the bother.  Not only is it a female name but it can be found in this very town. I gave more information in the actual clue and when they found out it was a mutual friend’s home they decided to change-up the lawn furniture as the friend wasn’t home!  🙂  I’m grateful the owner didn’t mind and let me leave a clue here!

Answer: RUTH

Stop 2

The next one kept them in the same town and although they almost went the wrong way they did find it quite quickly!

Clue #3  For your next clue you will travel by car but long ago that’s not how they did it. They’d wait at this location to hear “all aboard”!  No longer in use but more of a museum. Once arrived, snap a photo and then take a gander around. It won’t take you long to find the envelope with your clue to continue.

Answer: Moundridge Depot Museum

Stop 3

 Our day trip took us to three towns.  It was time to move on to the next one!  I will tell you that at this location we got quite silly!  It’s a consignment store and there were several prom dresses.  Yes.  Yes we did.  We tried on prom dresses and there is a photo but I’m not willing to share here! 🙂 It was fun and lots of laughter, so it was worth it! Glad I did it with these gals! They were very well-behaved when it came to the item they had to buy me, I figured they’d get something pretty silly and make me wear it all day long!  Instead I got a super cute scarf!

Clue #4  How about a little jaunt to visit the Scottish!  Load up and settle in for a drive.  The next location isn’t so hidden. And when you arrive take the $5.00 and as a team find something at this place for Julie to wear!    A necklace?  A scarf?  Oh no hats please! And when you check out be sure to ask the kind clerk if they could help you out by supplying your next clue.

Answer: The Hidden Closet

Stop 4 hidden closet

This clue I will have to explain a little bit.  The lovely lady on the far right has a super great blog, actually two of them.  Her one is called Dandelions Picked.  She is such a talented writer and has so much good to share, so I used that in the clue.  I’m hoping this will get her to get back to writing either there or here! Either way show her some love on  her blogs!

Clue #5  This place is not dandelions but colorful just the same. They come in bright yellow and orange. It’s not an actual flower but it’s time for lunch so let’s take a rest and get to the punch!

Answer: Marigold’s (new restaurant)



I wanted to be sure to include things that were free and also outdoors.  There is this wonderful place to walk, hang out, and see some great views.  So we headed there in another town!

Clue #6  Are you ready for your next clue?  Our lunch will need to settle, so in the vehicle for laughter and chatter.  For when we reach it, you will be reaching new heights! The comfy shoes oh so inviting here! A little rough terrain but not to worry, the view is spectacular.

Answer: Coronado Heights

Cornado Heights


Our friend from up north had not made it to this store while living in Kansas.  So I wanted to make sure we traveled our way there.  They have lots of unique and interesting things.  Be sure to check out the website for the store, they just opened a second location in Salina, Kansas.  The owner is truly delightful to visit with!

Clue #7  It’s time to head to Little Sweden.  To find a connection where elephant poop is paper and hearts with inspiration reside. Those aren’t they only things that are fair, but take a gander around the store for more handmade items.  Another clerk can help you with the final destination clue.

Answer: Connected (Fair Trade Store)



Our last stop of the day on our game was to a coffee shop.  By this time the temperature was warm and our feet were tired.  So we just sat in there for a little bit to relax.  It’s a quaint little place you might want to check out and relax in.   I had a strawberry smoothie and it was quite tasty!

Clue #8  If one were to strut they might be referenced as one of these, all fanned out, and on display.  They have eye-like feathers but the place to go is not colorful, purely bland.  A place of coffee and chocolate!

Answer: The White Peacock 

White Peacock2

We ended our day by visiting the church and cemetery and a nearby neighbor who gave us some delish German candy!  The evening brought homemade pizzas and playing games. Laughter was heard,  things were discussed, and life was just relaxing for us all!  I look forward to the next time we meet and can try that “amazing race” the girls spoke of!  Until next time, thanks for joining the fun girlfriends and may your lives be full of joy!

end of trip

There will be one more related post.  This one got so long I thought I’d share about our Coronado Heights experience in another post. So check back Thursday for it!  I had never planned one of these types of things before, but I think I will be sure to do them in the future!  Do you have any suggestions for me? It is alot of fun and pushes you I think!

Grace is a gift,




* All photos are owned and copyright by the blogger of Pushing Forward With Grace Julie V.


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