Destination Game – Coronado Heights

I promise this will be the last post about my weekend with friends!  I had to share this because I wanted to have it documented for us all right here!  It wasn’t something that was planned but I think it made the trip so much better!  On our journey for clue number seven we arrived at  Coronado Heights.

Cornado Heights

My husband had actually helped me out and taken this clue and hid it for me that very morning!  It is a  drive from our home and I ran out of time in my week to make it there.  Thanks honey!

When we arrived there were several people there enjoying the lovely weather!  The ladies started wondering around and looking, I thought he had put it in the main building.  So we headed that direction, I was wrong.  While they were searching I looked at the photo once again he had sent me of where he hid it.  I text him once we were on top of this building asking “where is this fireplace?”


Right after I sent it I looked out and there it was in the parking lot. I had walked RIGHT BY IT.  🙂 So I was telling the ladies they were really cold.

We all headed down the steps with me being at the end of the line, behind me there were some little girls.  We all heard them say something about ” Clue number 7!  It was so funny, ALL THE LADIES stopped dead in their tracks and turned around to listen.  I asked ” are you on a scavenger hunt?” They told me yes and they said they found clue number 7 already!  I didn’t really think much about it as I knew we were not ready for clue number 7.  I thought we were on 5!

We headed downstairs and they found their way to fireplace.  My friend looked inside the fireplace and there the clue was!  The guy sitting there said the girls had found it, took a picture, and read it.  We all laughed.  We didn’t have the heart to tell the girls that clue 1-6 wasn’t there.  I hope they had fun on their adventure though! 🙂

Have a great day friends!  Grace is a gift,





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