Tears of Joy Among the Food

It’s more than a Donation post  introduced you to the latest mission project our board is doing.  To be honest I was not sure how much food we would get collected for this project as we had already asked a great deal from our congregation since January. I made my way to the church this past week to separate and see where we were on donations as I had a member ask what was specifically needed still.

As I unloaded our lovely large donation box I didn’t know if it would end anytime soon.  I could feel my emotions really start revving up after about the second trip!  I am so happy they did fill up the box so well, cause it not only will feed children but it got me some more steps on my pedometer! 🙂 Let me break it out for you.  I believe the FBLA group packs about 12 backpacks a week with various food items.  They needed to be items from their list and child friendly to open.

In the photo below there are in individual totals:

Milk: 60

Juices: 86

Slim Jims: 128

Cereal: 16

Snack sticks cheese: 46

Crackers: 66

Animal Crackers/Teddy Grahams: 66

Granola bars: 58

Fruit cups: 88

Can Spaghetti o’s/ beanie weenies: 115

Tuna: 9

Fruit snacks: 119

Pudding: 50

Applesauce: 82

FBLA donation

That’s a total of 962 items. Do you know how many backpacks that will fill?  We have also received monetary donations which will help them buy food as well!  We are collecting donations until this coming Sunday as well so there could be more.

My point of this post is that even the smallest of groups can bring help to others in need!  I am so inspired by the members of this church, of the FBLA youth that created the program, and the way that God brought us together!

Where can you lend a hand, make a donation of time or food or money or knowledge today?  Do it!  It is rewarding and the right thing to do!  Once again thanks to those that donated!
Grace is a gift,



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