Seven Years Ago – God’s Plan

Seven years ago this week I was buying plane tickets and preparing to leave my two older daughters in Kansas.  My spouse and I had received the news that our third daughter would be born on March 28th via c-section over 1100 miles away.  We were thrilled and scared all at once, and when I think back I can still feel some of the feelings.  

To hear the entire story you can read my post over at In Between the Sunsets of Life and several other stories about adoption.  I wrote a long one there and since then have promoted adoption through a series on that blog. If you know anyone interested in participating in our 2015 Series, please let me know.  I’d be happy to visit with them and explain what we do.  We do it every November.

Mother Daughter Adoption

I wanted to post today how in seven years I have changed as a person. I wouldn’t say the entry of my youngest daughter was the sole reason for my changes but she has had a large influence.  Children bring many things to our lives and I believe we need to value them as individuals in the whole scheme of things.  I didn’t always have that opinion unfortunately but in raising three daughters I have learned a few things!

  •  Trust God more.
  • Surviving colic for several months does really happen.
  • A person can share their knowledge about something they experience to bring help to others and inspire them as well.
  • The image I saw in the nursery will change how I feel about fathers and daughters forever.  That image helped me deal with my own issues.
  • It’s ok if there is a room in your home that is filled with large cardboard boxes. It means the child is using their imagination and they are normally free!
  • Playing games on weeknights is better than TV.
  • Car rides to school bring out the most interesting questions and conversations.
  • That even though she cute as a button she still needs discipline and taught how to do things.
  • Legos all over a table in the cardboard room is better than on the floor where one can step on them!
  • Nightly devotions are a must as a family, bringing God into the conversations of daily life are essential, and listening when she teaches me about all things bible is important too.
  • That living on the farm with  a child teaches a whole different realm of things from the kids I raised in town! 🙂
  • That even if the child didn’t grow inside my body I can’t love her any less than the two I did.
  • God’s plan was so much better than what I had planned.
  • Watching her get off the bus, the dog run to her, their little ritual, and her dashing to the porch makes the long day alone so awesome.

Our daughter turned 7 today.  I can’t hardly believe how it seems the years have went so quickly.   I feel happy and somewhat sad as well.  For I know with each day of her getting older she will change, I will change, we will grow, we will conquer new adventures, and sometimes that won’t be easy.  Perhaps I am more emotional this year because I am finally at peace with my life and in such a place of joy with being home more.  I pray my seven-year old has a life full of joy, peace, and solidarity, and when she does have struggles, difficult times, or uncertainty she will call on the Lord to help her.  That’s one of the main goals in my life I want to accomplish.  I grew up without that security.  I think we have a good start.

So I thank my now seven-year old for the lessons she has and will teach me and to God I am grateful for making this all happen! 

pv and i 2014

Grace is a gift,


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