Smart Phone & Holy Week – What’s Going On!

A friend gave me inspiration.  I love when someone inspires me and I go with it.  Even if it something as simple as uninstalling Facebook for a week from my smart phone.  Who knows, maybe I will go longer than the week!  It was great timing because corn planting/farming season hasn’t kicked into high gear just yet and Holy Week is upon us.

Holy Week.  Do you know what that is?  You can start reading about here by clicking this link. One evening this last week we had a pretty awesome discussion about Holy Week with our youngest daughter.  It was well worth the time and her getting to bed later than normal was fine by me!  Holy Week begins today, Palm Sunday.  I am looking forward to seeing the youth make their way into the sanctuary with palm branches waving and singing!  Taking us back to Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. This week we will spend more than a couple of hours at church.  We will make our way to church for services this week for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then Easter Sunday an entire morning there!

Although there will be times I know I will feel sadness from this story and even guilt, I have come to love the ending.  The gift that God has provided for not only me but you as well.  The Lenten season is one that leads us to this special week, but we need to remember this time all year-long.  Each day being in prayer and the word of God recalling what He did for us.

The gift of eternal life comes from this precious gift.  The story where Jesus not only dies on the cross but endures so much physical pain for us is one we have to read and remember.  He died for our sins.  The glory comes on Easter morning when he rose after three days from the tomb.  And lucky for us we can look to the Easter 2 and the resurrection where we that believe can have eternal life.

I like my smart phone, in fact it gives me a sense of security.  If I am honest with myself my true security is with God and what He provides me, not what is in my Facebook news feed or text messages coming in periodically.  So I will be uninstalling it from my smart phone for at least this week because my mindless scrolling on it takes away more in my life than it probably should. Taking time to focus on what truly matters this week will be a start.

Grace is a gift,


bible smartphone


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