Honesty Days

Honesty Days


It’s an honesty kind of day.  I’ve had random thoughts flowing through my head for this post the last two days.  I hope I can remember them!

1.  This getting healthy thing really blows when you can’t workout like you want and control your body!  Oh sure I can control my eating but how fun is that?  I mean really?

2.  I love kids. Really I do. But I truly believe God made me to be wired to only handle a certain amount of loudness.  I am extending gratitude to Him that my kids were 5 and 15 years apart in age.  I also am clapping in adoration to the mothers and fathers that have several kiddos especially little ones close in age.  You rock! And teachers and daycare providers deserve higher pay!

3.  Family. What can I say expect this. We love them like there is no tomorrow and yet we want to smack them sometimes as well.  I mean let’s be honest, they can drive us crazy.  They can hurt your feelings (and vice versa) but in the end all that matters is that you continue the journey down this thing called life side by side.  Never leaving the other behind or turning your back on them. I’m sure my family that reads this will feel the same about me! 🙂

4. Bologna boats.  Do you know what those are?  They are unhealthy but oh delish.  I remember eating them at lunch in grade school.  My daughter now has them too and loves them.  They are on our home menue this month.  If you don’t know what they are here goes.  Bologna, mashed potatoes next, and cheese on top.  Heated.  YUM!  I like fried bologna sandwiches too.

5. Sometimes I’m a really bad wife.  Seriously.  I’m a horrible example. That’s all I’m saying about that subject.

6. My mom, she has the green thumb and loves to garden. I was never really one to love it. I found myself in the yard yesterday and it wasn’t so bad.  I guess when the rest of my life slowed down I found new appreciations.

7.  School picture packets are evil. Seriously.  They come with these absolutely adorable photos of your kid that lure you in.  Then you flip the page and see the prices. A total racket.  Yep I’m probably going to fall for it.

8. My spouse’s side of the desk drives me nuts.  #pilesofpaper #needsorganization

9. So many people came to celebrate our youngest daughters birthday this weekend it was wonderful.  I felt so much love and I wasn’t even the birthday girl. (Thanks everyone!)

10. Gave up Facebook on the smartphone this week.  I uninstalled Facebook app and Page Manager app (for In Between the Sunsets of Life facebook page) and forgot to do Facebook Messenger.  Don’t worry, I did after I replied to one message sent last night!  Oh and to be honest, I can still go to Facebook on my chrome internet but I’m not.  🙂

SO!  Anything you want to share honestly with the world please comment or respond to what I’ve said! I love these Honesty Days it keeps me accountable and helps to remove it from my mind! Venting is good.

Grace is a gift,


Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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