What To Write Today

I have a few posts in my drafts folder.  In fact I wrote a new one today, but it’s not time for that one to be shared.  My mind has had many thoughts from yesterday to today.  Some were good and some not so good.  I feel like a ping pong is bouncing inside there back and forth and can’t seem to stop.  No winner in that match!

As I type these words I’m wondering if the rambling of my thoughts would encourage or discourage any of you from reading my daily posts in the future.  If you find one post not to your liking will you give up on me all together?  I will never know I suppose, well unless all of you leave!  Then I might notice the follower’s numbers are down.  🙂

Do I bank my day on the post I share here or the comments I receive?  No I honestly do not, but this outlet is one that brings forth substance and passion and even strength for me.  It allows me to produce words that I am not able to speak from my mouth or even to have anyone listen to.  It helps me to share my love of so many things and my dislike of others.  It brings about accountability and challenge all while I hope to inspire others.

In my life I have endured some yucky things and I feel that my ability to share in words is one of the ways I have made it to where I am today.  It also gives my spouse a break from listening to things he probably could care less about and won’t remember anyways.  🙂

So my readers thank you for stopping by today.  Thank you for encouraging me and allowing me to share the ramblings from my mind.
Grace is a gift,




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