The Drafts to be Shared



The writing has been done.  There are a few posts that wait patiently in my drafts folder. Unsure of when to share them I seek advice from those close. Is it too personal? Am I coming off the way I want to?  Is it going to inspire verses collect pity? Will there be others who get angered at me for sharing? But should that matter if I feel in my heart it may help others?  I seek not attention but hope to help others, so they do not feel so alone in their similar situation.  Prayer upon my heart for the timing of sharing and for expressing the things that lay so very close to my inner being.

As the rain falls from the sky and the lightning brings forth energy  these posts will no longer lay dormant.  I share them in hopes that they will refresh someone as the rain does the soil and provide courage they might need as the bolts of thunder fill our ears!  Hold not judgement upon me friend but rather if it doesn’t touch you perhaps it will another.  Perhaps another will not feel so alone in their time of uncertainty.
Grace is a gift,




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