Three Daughters One Mother

From my experience as a mother being in the right place at the right time has proved to be difficult on occasion. Also providing the correct reaction or giving the best advice doesn’t just flow with my mothering experience of 26 years.  Each one of my children is different and to be honest this last one is being raised differently than the other.  Which my middle daughter pointed out this past weekend to me and I think that it is ok that life worked out this way. Being a mother to my youngest has made me a better mother all together and brought a whole new view to life.

Yesterday, the individual in me wanted to be worshiping with my church family on one of the most important days of the year. But as a mother I was needed elsewhere. My youngest daughter was ill. So rather than do the things I listed in this post, I comforted, prayed, cleaned up, cuddled, and watch my daughter rest. I was serving  someone in need and it gave us time alone.

If things had went as planned I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit alone with my eldest daughter and attempt to give advice.  The conversation with my middle daughter where we sat together and talked all things embroidery and as usual have her make me laugh wouldn’t have  occurred if things went as I had planned them.  We would have been among several people and these precious moments would not have happened.

This shows me once again the path or day or hour the Lord places me in is where I need to be.  I enjoy serving and I love my daughters immensely.  Each needs me in a certain way, I try to be the best mother I can be.  When I’m not, there is always tomorrow and God’s grace!

Grace is a gift,



mother daughter20142


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