Weight-less Wednesday 4-8-2015

Weightless Wednsdays


I have figured out I’m a combination of the following.  I’m not sure how I can be all of them but in fact I am.

Emotional Eater

Healthy Eater

Mindless Eater

Determined Exerciser

Couch Potato

I’m a mixture of this combination of goodness and not so much goodness.  I love me some brownies, banana nut muffins, and white bread.  In the same day I could be the one eating roasted sweet potatoes and carrots while having wild rice and feeling my taste buds could explode.  I can go all day doing well and something makes me emotionally unsteady and I can waltz through the kitchen on my way to the laundry and snag a cookie or two or three. (I know empty the cabinets, problem is my spouse wouldn’t be happy then).

I know every Wednesday is coming. I know the day of the weekly weigh in.  I’ve lost my mojo for determination and it’s not going to be pretty if I do not nip it in the bud!  Looking at my life this combination has been present but I think the emotional eating has made a bigger appearance in recent years.  Something to work on.

My working out has gotten better because my body is healing! YIPPEE!  I can walk for an hour at different speeds and my leg isn’t exploding!  You have no idea how much joy that brings me!  I will grasp to that positive and go with it!  I started using hand weights every other day when I walk. Two pounds in each hand.

I hope your journey, whatever it is that you are focusing on, is going well for you.  And although there are bumps in the road, just hold on and keep going.  The bump will subside and the path will become smooth once more, right?

Grace is a gift,





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