Writing Prompts 3 – Best Thing About Being Partnered?

What is the best thing about being partnered?

I’m “partnered” by marriage.  I married my guy 12 years ago come April 12th.  There have been ups and downs as in every marriage.  There are things I loved about him back in the day that drives me nuts now (I’m sure he feels the same way).

I think the ultimate thing about being married is the fact that I am not alone.  I will have this person by my side till the end of one of our lives. Although, if he passed before me, I would miss him immensely. But our faith has taught us grand things about eternal life, so I have peace in my heart. I like to think of people as together.

I think having someone to go to sleep next to at night, share my ramblings and crazy desires with, raise a child with, and conquer new things with is a grand way to live.  We do not always agree, this is true, but being together makes things bearable and better and more fun.

He appreciates when I break out in song (off-key) in the car or kitchen, the way I will hold our seven-year old on my lap to listen intently to her, and how I will tell him to just buy whatever it is he needs but he won’t without prodding.

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I had met my husband sooner in my life. How my life would be different.  Then I think to myself “those thoughts do not matter, the here and now does”.

Even our worse day together is better than no day together.

That wraps it up basically.



Grace is a gift,



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