Different Post than Planned

I had another post created for today, but after waking and feeling the romantic side of things I decided to go with this one.  🙂  Today marks twelve years of marriage to my spouse.  That’s not a huge amount of time but it is a good chunk of my 44 years I do believe.  In that time, I have become a mother 15 years after the last time, adopted, attempted gestational surrogacy, became a mother in law and grandmother, moved to the farm, lived through having my spouse build our home, grown closer to God and love the church family I’ve bonded with, found one of my niches in outreach, changed occupations, after that became a stay a home farm mom, got a dog, bought chickens, then bought chickens again, stressed over income, rejoiced over income, cried lots, but laughed even more. Realizing the simple life is becoming more of what I desire and letting go of certain mindsets is OK.

All while being married to this man.

Wedding Anniversary


Our marriage isn’t rosy all the time, in fact it’s pretty simple, plain, and my moodiness and outbursts of singing are what brings the excitement to the partnership.  Those moods aren’t always the best but this guy, well he is pretty patient.  Seriously.  He really is.  Or tolerable, but let’s go with patient shall we?  He has brought many things to my life and I to his.  We started out as complete opposites but now find we are more alike than I ever anticipated us to be.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of our marriage brings.  The bumps in the road will strengthen our marriage and bring us closer to God, and our smooth sailing on the open highway will help us to live in the moment.  Together.

Happy Anniversary Milton.

MVJV collage 2

Grace is a gift,



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