Thicker Skin In a World of Screens & Words

It seems the longer I work at being honest and sharing my opinion, I find I need thicker skin and less times of worry.  I’ve mentioned before how I would like this blog to inspire and that it is a therapy of sorts for me.  It brings me joy and even moments of fear when I click on the publish icon.  The good outweighs the bad but that little piece of doubt lingers still in my mind.

I can have a piece that I feel is well written with love and careful choice of words, and in the end I suppose someone will dislike what I have said or worse dislike me. I am afraid that those that do not know me closely will take my perceptions and see me as a person I am not. Worse the people that know me somewhat will think poorly of me.

Everything I write truly comes from my heart (and mind).  A mixture of ideas, thoughts, feelings, dreams, knowledge, and even fact.  I know that there will never be a life full of peace until I die, but I’d like to think that those that read my words have good thoughts more than bad when they come across a post.

The worry doesn’t consume my daily thoughts it just resides here and there in my mind.  Oh yes, I have been told I think too much a time or two in my life! I’ve also been told that if they don’t like a post they will just move on.  It doesn’t matter.  But to my tender heart it matters to me.  Building connection, having a purpose, serving others in love.  That is what life is about I believe. My blogs are one way for me to do this.

On occasion my fears include that readers and people in my life won’t open their mind and allow others opinions and thoughts to be digested and possibly see life in a different light.  That they will think I am being arrogant, full of myself, or delirious.  Sometimes silence is worse than them sharing with me how they feel.

In life confrontation isn’t something I like, but it does build character, especially when done respectfully. I know if an individual let’s hurt feelings fester they will build into something that is much more than it ever was meant to be.  It will begin to consume their lives and trump any bit of goodness that crosses their path. I am in hopes that my words and my connection with whomever, can touch their hearts and souls and bring brighter days.

Many times in life others bring brightness to my days.  They help me learn something new, see life in a better light, and life my spirits.  This I am grateful for. I pray that I am able to just that for others.

Grace is a gift,





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