Weight-less Wednesday

Weightless Wednsdays



Three months in and I’m at a point where something is going to have to give. Unfortunately it’s probably going to have to be me.  The poundage is small that has come off and I know it’s mostly my own fault.  I can make an excuse every month of why I have not eaten healthier daily but the excuses do not really matter.

I know that I have had to step back on the workouts due to injury.  This has not helped my mentality about things. But slowly I am able to start moving more.  I can walk for an hour a couple of days in a row but then my leg is sore, so I need to go back to breaking it up some.    Which for my personality is difficult.

I’m a woman in my 40’s so the whole metabolism thing is happening, working against me.  Genetics count for something too.  I am eating more fruit and vegetables than I did a year ago that is something to be proud of and I’m moving way more.  This journey is not easy for me, there I said it.

I’m hoping with summer coming my youngest daughter and I will be outside and moving even more.  I think she will be in inspiration to me.  This will be our first summer together where I am home all the time.  I am already planning things for us to do and a weekly schedule of sorts.  Fun is to be had and smiles to see, and activities to conquer! 🙂

So today I wish you all a good day, a day filled with energy and laughter.  May you find your journey one to be mostly a positive experience!  Keep movin’!

Grace is a gift,



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