Children’s Requests, Hearts Smiling

Embroidery work

Recently I took up embroidery.  My mother had taught me many years ago but I never really did it much. I did quite a bit of crosstitch when my older girls were young.  Since picking it up once again my youngest daughter, that is seven has watched me.  She checks in to see the progress of each project and helps me pick out colors.

This evening she finally asked me if I would teach her how to embroider.  I thought perhaps that might be a tad difficult so I told her I would teach her to crosstitch first.  We dug out my old stuff and I found a pretty simple butterfly pattern.  She chose her colors and the lesson began.


She still needs guidance on almost every line but it’s OK, I don’t mind.  As we sat together on the love seat, both doing needlework I found myself smiling.  It wasn’t just from my face but my heart was smiling.  She was learning a hobby that my mother had taught me.

When my children show interest in something that brings such joy to me, well…. it’s a pretty awesome feeling!   For instance, my middle daughter embroiders too and is quite talented at it.  My oldest daughter loves to cook.  Each child is different and they each take different characteristics from me. I hope they continue these talents and also find new ones to try as well!

As we spent our evening together, I couldn’t help but think of simpler times.  Days long before I was born where families sat around in the evening with no television, smart phones, or any such thing running.  Gathered together visiting, perhaps listening to a story read by the father, while the women mended or embroidered.  During our time together my young daughter shared with me, needed me, and didn’t need me!  She learned how to tie off when finished with a section!

I have found that life is pretty nice when slower and simplier.  I am glad my mother taught me this hobby, I’m glad my children enjoy the common things in life.

Grace is a gift,




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