Mission Work – Where Am I Headed?

I have a couple friends that their mission work is far away from where they live which I find absolutely fascinating!  If I didn’t have a medical issue I know I would be on one of those trips no doubt.  I find myself moving closer to mission work closer to home. My heart and niche is making it’s way to local things.

I serve on our church’s board of missions and have for a few years now.  Although we haven’t stretched too far outside our congregation we are moving that way.  Which I find wonderful and scary all at the same time.  Our interim Pastor tells us every Sunday to invite people to church, that it isn’t going to be the new Pastor who is coming that will grow the church. It’s us.  I hate to say it but I think he may be onto something.

Here is where I get a tad embarrassed that I serve on the board of missions. The reason is I find it extremely hard to ask people to come to church.  Shouldn’t I be more outgoing and forthcoming with the Word of God if I am going to serve in this capacity? Is doing the small gestures our committee has enough?

Perhaps I should look at it as a start.  A place to begin with baby steps.  One never knows who is watching, hearing, or receiving from our actions.  Prayer is needed to give me strength and guidance.  In HIS time I will know where He wants me to go.

Patience and prayers are upon my heart this day.

Mission Work - Where Am I Headed?

Grace is a gift,



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