Family Reunions

Well,  I’m venturing down the road with my two sisters.  We are working on a family reunion for October!  I mentioned our family in this post.  After many years we all decided it was time to gather and begin the tradition once again for annual meet ups.

Our first one will be a smaller affair, just a potluck with a day of visiting, playing, reminiscing, and planning the 2016 reunion. If the old days are any indication of how the future ones will be, they will probably be a three-day long event. It makes my heart glad that this is happening.  That there are so many in our family that want to come together.

My immediate family gathers periodically and we are connected quite well I feel.  We are there for one another and enjoy our times together.  I am hoping that my children can come to love these family reunions as much as I did as a kid.

Do you have annual family events you attend?  What kind of gathering is it?  A full weekend of camping or at a special location?  Perhaps a one day potluck where you spend the afternoon hanging out! Whatever the gathering, be sure to continue the fun for generations to come!

Grace is a gift,




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