Five things I love about my house

Five Things I love about my home

  1. The kitchen.  The way my spouse designed and built the cabinets.  The way it is simple yet feels classy all at the same time.
  2. The fireplace room.  Yes, that’s what we really call it) This is where we gather in the evening as a family. It’s the warmth of the room and the sunsets are spectacular to watch.
  3. The bathtub. Not much to say but it’s a favorite spot for sure!
  4. The front porch.  The way it is long with white railings and the way the roof comes down.  It just looks inviting to me every time I pull in my drive.  I love waiting for our youngest to get off the bus there.
  5. The office.  This one is still a work in progress.  My decor isn’t finished yet since I became a stay at home farm woman.  It’s getting there though.

The times I love my home the most is when all my children and their families are here.  The times when we have to put all the leaves in the dining room table and we eat together.  Listening to them joke and tell stories, talk of their lives.  That’s what makes our house a home.  Time with family.

Grace is a gift,



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