Time for Connection & Nature – Arkansas

As I write this I am sitting on a balcony of the Inn we are staying at.

Pratt Place Inn & Barn


Pratt Place inn

The April weather is lovely although a tad chilly in the shade.  My husband and I ventured into vacation time for a couple of days to celebrate our 12th anniversary and re-connect.  Our time together didn’t really have anything scheduled other than the dates and place we would be staying.

PRatt Place Inn & 2

We made our way to Arkansas and stayed at the Pratt Place Inn & Barn.  This particular Inn was out of our price range but we didn’t feel so bad after getting a Living Social deal on our stay. Now that I’ve set foot in the location, it truly was worth every cent.

PRatt Place Inn & 2PRatt Place Inn & 2

Although the beautiful dwelling is filled with antiques, rugs, and other items from Europe and Asia I felt comfortable.   I didn’t feel since we are common farm folk from Kansas that we didn’t fit in.  The staff was superb and so very friendly.  Their hospitality was definitely the best thing about the place.

We enjoyed the wrap around porch, wooded trails, admiring the horses, delicious breakfast in our room, balcony view, comfy bed, lovely barn, and ease to reach our destinations in the city of Fayetteville.  This Inn sits a very short distance from the University of Arkansas but you would never know it.  Seriously.  It’s like in its own little world.

Anniversary Trip ARKANSAS

We chose to take our trip on a Sunday through Tuesday and that made it so we were the only guests.  That was nice but I bet there are some very interesting people who stay here.  If you are ever in the search for a place to stay with no children and you just want to relax this is your place.  They truly are hospitable and they will take very good care of you.

Do you have a special place you have traveled?  Do share, we usually try to get away once a year alone, and I love personal recommendations!

Grace is a gift,


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