Expectations – The Correct Level

Twenty years ago my expectations of people was higher than it needed to be.  I now know that it was an product of things that occurred in my life as I grew up.  I still struggle today with pushing my high expectations off on others.  I also have high expectations of myself and feel quite the failure when I am not good at something.  I’ve been told I’m harder on myself than I need to be.

Although I believe there needs to still be a degree of expectation, especially when raising children, there is a level that should be maintained.  In exceeding this level I have found myself unhappy and also the one I am placing such high standards upon is unhappy as well.  No one is benefiting from it. No one is happy and to be honest, no one changes unless they want to.

A friend reminded me recently of how true this really is.  The fact that we have expectations is why we are unhappy.  If we have no or less expectations, we are content with how life is. This can be in a marriage, friendship, work environment, congregation/clergy relationship, and many other types of situations.

I’m still a work in progress but I hope in twenty years I have made a change. The only reason that change came about is because I wanted it to.  Looking at oneself is good, not easy but can be a growing experience.  It can also be a long road, odds are the change within will be slower than one wants and failure is bound to happen a few times.  But remember this…..

Don’t set such high expectations upon others or yourself.  Evaluate the situation, each individual and circumstance is different.  No two are alike.  I hope in writing this post it helps me to develop better expectation skills.

Do you agree?  Did you find this post interesting, inspiring, or what?  Please comment below.

Grace is a gift,





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