#PFWG44thbirthday – Donation time #3

Well it’s been over 56 days!  I had to push-off our blood donation gig by a week due to a conflict I had.  This go around my husband, sisters, and best friend joined me to get a little closer to the 44 times!  My brother-in-law wasn’t able to donate this time but next go around he will!


Check out the photos from today! It took me 60 minutes to drive to our destination to donate and only 5 minutes to fill a bag to help save three lives!  Totally worth it!

#pfwg44thbirthday #3

At this point in the journey with help from my friends, I have been able to place 23 red stones in the blood donation candle!

Blood donation candle

Only 21 more times to go!  Who wants to join our #pfwg44thbirthday team?!  It’s never too late to help save lives!  We only have until December 26th to make this happen! Help me reach my goal by downloading blood donation app and joining our team!  Or if you want, just comment on here when you donate! We’ll throw a red stone in the candle in your honor!

June 20th! That’s our next donation trip!  Come join the fun! It’s always a fun time!  We ended our time together by eating at the Doo Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas. Totally good food and great way to celebrate the day!

American Red Cross

Grace is a gift,


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