Praying for My Children – Simple or Complex

I pray for my children (and their families) on a daily basis. Sometimes more than once in a day. Normally it is a simple prayer, kinda generic on occasion, but I still say it.  If they have something happening in their lives I will be more forthcoming to the Lord, but most of the time it is just simple.

I list my children’s names and I say  ” may they come closer to you verses farther away.”

Simple because I know that if they are close to God, their lives will be better for it.

Although I still believe God knows what lies on my heart for my children and that the simple prayer I state will work I have something new to use.   I want to share it with you just as it was shared with me at a recent women’s meeting I attended.  The speaker stated that she uses this particular section of the bible to pray for her family.  I love it.  It’s beautiful.

Ephesians 3 16 21

I hope you share it too.  With a friend, a stranger, on your social media page, or just with your family.  It’s a lovely way to lift up others in prayer.

Grace is a gift,



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