I’m the mom

Hi I’m the Mom that does the following no matter what my seven-year old says.

I’m the mom that tells her too many times in one day I love you.

I’m the mom that tells her no and demand please and thank you.

I’m the mom that still lays with her on my night although she is seven.

I’m the mom that surfs the web and checks Facebook too much while she is in the room.

I’m the mom that makes her still sit in a carseat.

I’m the mom that watches her expressions, listens while she plays, and makes her sound the word out while reading a book.

I’m the mom that prays for her daily.

I’m the mom that doesn’t let her watch the dvd player every single time we get in the car.

I’m the mom who will, on occasion buy her something that isn’t on the Walmart list.

I’m the mom that becomes a barracuda when she is hurt or reality tries to bring her down.

I’m the one that doesn’t let her play the surfing game all the time on my phone because it drains the battery so fast.

I’m the mom that eats McDonald’s with her but doesn’t always let her get mac & cheese at Applebees.

I’m the mom that makes her practice piano and spelling words daily.

I’m the mom that listens when she is upset and tries to repair the damage of the hurtful words from so-called friends.

I’m the mom that teaches her about God all while learning too.

I’m the mom that does game and movie night and has yummy snacks in the cabinet.

I’m the mom that taught her how to ride her bike and not to quit when she wanted to.

I’m the mom that falls asleep before she does some nights.

I’m the one that taught her how to relax and enjoy a bath.

I’m the mom that sets rules and expects them to be followed.

I’m the mom that fixes supper and asks about her day. The one that cleans out the book bag and cheers to no end.

I’m the mom that expects her to do more than one thing at a time just because I do that.

I’m the mom that questions the less than stellar actions and grades.

I’m the mom that says no to pop.

I’m the mom that worries she will doubt herself and not stand up for herself.

I’m the Mom that sometimes says bad words, gets mad at her dad in front of her, takes the dog she loves to the vet and fixes her hair for her.

I’m the mom who didn’t carry her in my womb but instead my heart.

I’m the mom that even though I didn’t carry her in my womb doesn’t love her anymore or any less.

So, if you are visiting with my seven yr old, just remember, whatever she says, there’s more to me than that! Both positive and negative!:)

Grace is a gift,

pv and i 2014


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