Thoughts Upon the Mind, Prayers Made

There’s someone that was ever present on my mind the other day. It was not just a quick moment of them crossing my mind but throughout that day she kept coming to mind.

It is not someone that I see often or even do things with, but someone I admire from afar. This lady has strength and she brings a quiet strength to the present.

I decided to let her know I had been thinking of you and praying throughout the day for her. Even though I had no idea what I was praying for I did it. I sent her a message and she replied. She was grateful for the prayers and she shared with me what she had endured that very day.

I could have easily ignored the feelings that kept popping up throughout my day.  I could have brushed them off or was too busy to pray. I am glad I did not, for she needed prayers.

I am sharing this with you because I know the power of prayer does a lot.  I know that even when things are good people still need prayers.  I know that if someone told me I came to mind and they prayed for me it would mean more than any material gift they could have brought me.

So my friends, if someone crosses your mind, just throw up a small (or large) prayer for them.  You may never know what difference your prayer made, but let us not miss our opportunity to provide for others.

Today, I pray for you.

Gracious Father,

I come to you today a humble individual that feels so fortunate to know the truth. I am blessed by the gift you provided for all of us. Today I lift to you, for whatever reason they are needing it, my readers. The ones that find inspiration, strength, help, and laughter right here. I pray they feel your grace and will for their lives. May they open their hearts and minds to you and allow the Spirit to take them to their destination. May they be protected from evil and guarded always. We praise you and thank you.

In Jesus name I pray,

Grace is a gift,


John 1427


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